Are you attracted by a holiday in an exotic country?

Would you like to know someone you can rely on
in that country?

You don't want to use a travel agency,
but you might like help and advice for start?

You want to enjoy the exotic in its pure form,
but don't want to lose a bit of your standard?

This is the right place for you.

At our farm, we connect natural resources, old crafts, helping people and sustainability.

we offer

  • Camping in the beautiful Philippine countryside
  • Sustainable farm with animals and plants
  • Safe place for tourists and locals
  • Near to beaches, islands, waterfalls, coves…
  • Great place to relax, full of hidden places


  • we will provide you to see the real life in the Philippines
  • you will have a place in an exotic paradise, where you are always welcome
  • you will enjoy staying in nature in the local style
JoinPhilippines Jay Jitka

We are building all this step by step
we already have LAND, BOAT (bangka), COTTAGES…

In the near future we will acquire and arrange:

  • vegetable and fruits
  • better facilities for tourists
  • safe camping areas
  • electricity
  • animals

This means a successful start for the camp, farm, and the first jobs to the locals.

We combine Filipino exoticism, friendliness and hospitality with a bit of the European standard.


We are building our paradise in the Zambales area on the Luzon island, which is the largest island in the Philippines.

We are close to the sea, not far from fish and swimming, but inland enough to successfully raise animals and grow vegetables and fruits.

There are two springs on the property, so we don’t have to drill a well and use groundwater right away.

By the way, the huge advantage of the Philippines is that you can grow crops here almost all year round .


The space we create is

  • farm with animals, vegetables and fruit trees
  • a landmark for tourists, a place to relax, and meeting local culture
  • community place for locals, not just the neighborhood

It is a place where we all can meet, relax, work, learn about the world and the neighborhood, and moc for support.

We believe that we will be able to create a pleasant and beneficial space for everyone who visits us.

We have nipa huts ready for tourists, so you'll be able to enjoy the old type of accommodation, but with a little bit of modern touch, like a bathroom…
Or you can sleep in your or our tent.

We grow mostly local plants such as beans, melons, sayote, tomatoes, pechay, sweet potatoes… trees such as calamansi, bananas, coconuts, moringa or tamarind.
And we also have pigs, chickens and rabbits .

We started working on our dream more than two years ago. Shortly before the pandemic broke out, we bought a great car in the Philippines and rented it. Unfortunately, a pandemic broke out, so we paid the car lease and all the expenses from our savings.
Eventually, someone crashed our car, and we lost it completely.

We firmly hope that the situation will finally improve because we simply will not give up our dream.

Join Philippines - auto k pronájmu na Filipínách


In order to achieve true independence and self-sufficiency, we plan to open a carinderia in Olongapo.
It is basically a Filipino form of bistro, where we want to offer not only ordinary local dishes, but also here and there something from European cuisine.

And the plan we have from the very beginning, is to buy a fishing boat that will not be only for fishing but it will also serve to tourists.
Thanks to local boats, we will be able to bring fish to the carinderia and to the farm, and proceeds from tourist activities will continue to investments to the entire cycle.

And the circle closes.

JoinPhlippines - plán cesty


As we mention above, our plan is to provide livelihoods for locals who are severely short of jobs and whose families are often on the brink of real poverty.
According to statistics, almost 86% of the Philippine population live in poverty.
Unfortunately, many locals cannot afford to have their children study even in high school. This is either because of the tuition fee or simply because they need more hands to work and therefore some income.

With 1 boat we can employ 2 fishermen, 4 helpers, and thanks to us, the salesman also earns in the market.

With 1 carinderia we can provide sustenance for at least 2 chefs and 2 helpers.

In the farm we find work for at least 2 helpers with the normal operation of the camp and farm, accommodation for tourists, and basic care for fruits and vegetables. We will also use at least 2 helpers for harder work and animal care.

In the beginning, we will bring work to at least 14 people who will not have to worry about their family and children.
But we will make our plans allways bigger.


We will not only inform you about nature and lifestyle in this beautiful country, but we will also share local recipes, farm work, stories of people around us…
We already have YouTube channel Join Philippines , Facebook page JoinPhilippines and Instagram @ JoinPhilippines .

Another place we use to share all the news and information is Ko-fi , where you can support us by buying some of our products or by buying symbolic coffee.

JP - Jitka u moře


If you know of someone who would be interested in our topic, please share this informations .

If we do well, we will also gradually export some local handmade, products to Europe, and perhaps over time to the UK and US. So you have something to look forward to.

If you like our offer or plans, please support us in our work so we can build a truly sustainable project as soon as possible.
For more informations about our farm, campsite, or support, please visit our Ko-fi:

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