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Tailor-made itinerary

The Philippines is really completely different from the Europe, UK or USA. It's a whole different end of the world, too, so it's not.
And that's one of the things I adore in the Philippines.

The problem with being really different can occur if you're going on vacation, but you actually somehow don't know how to handle it, what to focus on, what you enjoy, and how it actually works.

We fully understand and know that finding all sorts of information that might come in handy can be quite time and brain consuming.

Once you’ve found a place to look, do you also know where to find it or how to get there?

Can you at least roughly say how much money you should make for current expenses and your total vacation budget?

JoinPhilippines - nabízíme

But do you just know that you just want to enjoy Paradise on Earth without the classic travel company, because it will be amazing?

We can help you

We'll discuss with you how much you’re going for, how long you're planning your vacation, and what your preferences are.
We'll definitely plan differently when we know you enjoy sunbathing on the beach rather than saying you want to try catching with local crabs or water buffalo ride.

Once we have all the information you need, we'll get to the first planning of your plan.

After further consultation and editing, you’ll have a perfect itinerary just for you.

You will get

  • interactive map with marked important points
  • detailed travel plan day after day
  • list of places you visit (or can visit)
  • accommodation options in the areas
  • contacts for car rentals or carrier recommendations
  • estimated budget
  • important contacts
  • more travel tips

The price of the basic itinerary is €150.

This price applies to an individual, family or a closed group.

nez vyrazite na Filipiny

Are you interested in it?
So feel free to email me at, and let's take a look.

What else we can do?

Another service you can use is our personal participation on your vacation as guide (in English or Czech).

You do not need to arrange this service from us for the duration of your stay. This would be really useless for some of you.
You can use us perhaps only after you arrive before you air conditioning.
Or before departure, when you don't want to worry too much.

Or see more options on the list of our services.

Contact us

Czech, Slovak, English

Jitka Pekárková
+420 732 915 195
+63 969 167 88 44

English, Tagalog (Filipino)

Jay Parungo
+420 703 894 079
+63 927 186 69 88

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