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food and drinks in the Philippines

The basis of Filipino cuisine is meat and seafood, vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce and of course rice.
Sure, they also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, but I have a feeling that they wouldn't do without meat, vinegar and rice. 🙂


Rice is good for breakfast, snack, lunch…
I think it could be compared to our eating pastry. Just anytime. Salty, sweet, without anything else…

The thing with the rice is that when you eat in some of the local bistros and finish your rice, you can call the staff, who will refill your rice for free. 

You can also find various types of food in shops along the roads or in mobile stalls.
I liked the sweet dessert bibingka, or sweet corn with grated coconut.

Pastries, beer and spaghetti

Speaking of sweets, it's hard to find unsweetened pastries here. If you are on bread like me, it will be a challenging mission to discover a bakery where you can get at least an unsweetened baguette.

What you can't find here is soft beer. But you can get fresh coconut water practically everywhere. 😉
Unfortunately, it's very sad with the soft drink, because if you want to go for a beer with your friends, but you're a driver, you have practically nothing left but to suck a whole evening of sweet lemonade.
Or you can take it to the same end as a lot of Filipinos, have a normal beer, and then drive anyway…

I also found it interesting that they don't use chopsticks here, as in other Asian countries. In the Philippines, they eat with a spoon and a fork.

Another interesting thing for me was that they serve spaghetti in one of the fast food chains. Spaghetti is often perceived here as something you have at a party. It's not just food that you would just cook here for normal dinner.

The following text is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians

I was also interested in the fact that when they process meat, they can really use everything.
And by that I mean really everything.

It means that the encounter with grilled chicken claws, chicken heads, grilled intestines...
Then, at least for me, Balut dominates everything. This is a boiled duck egg that is several days old. So a little duckling has already been developed in it…

In general, they treat the animals well, but they don't overdo it, and when it comes to food, it's still just an animal.

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