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Where to go on Luzon - part1

Luzon Island is the largest island in the Philippines. You will find here primarily the capital of the Philippines, Manila. But since we are not so interested in cities, we will look around a little differently. And even though you may have heard more about the islands of Palawan, Bohol or Cebu from various videos and articles, there are also a lot of beautiful places in Luzon that you should not miss.

100 islands

The Hundred Islands National Park

So this was one of my most beautiful trips. Famous attraction of Hundred Islands.
I honestly don't know if there are really a hundred of those islands and islets, but even if there are fewer, it's definitely worth it.

Although it is a very tourist-oriented place, we have not met many tourists here. We came here in a group of 7 adults and 2 children, and we enjoyed a beautiful day.
The undeniable advantage of this place is that you can agree with your local boat guide on what you want to focus on. If it's snorkeling, a walk around the island with the Stations of the Cross, lying on one of the beaches, kayaking, catching fresh seafood for a snack, a little adrenaline on the zipline… And you can even stay here overnight.

It really is up to you to agree with your guide. It will definitely be worth it.
The price then depends on the size of the boat, which you rent with a guide, and I'm sure it won't even ruin you by mistake.

Rice terraces in Banaue

I guess you saw videos or photos of her with beautiful rice fields and terraces. Personally, I've always been fascinated by them. If you're like me, be sure not to miss a trip to Banaue and Batad.

Banaue is located in the northern part of the island of Luzon, and in addition to enjoying a beautiful trip in the mountains, you will also enjoy the unique view of the rice terraces.

We definitely recommend staying here overnight, and enjoying the spectacle in the morning.

The complex at the small basilica of the Virgin Mary of the Rosary in Manaog

This place can be an interesting, and a bit unusual, experience for you, whether you are a believer or not.
And you will definitely not meet almost any foreign tourists here. among other things, they bless the means of transport.

If you are a Filipino and buy a car, for example, this will quite possibly be one of the first places you visit. Probably because the Philippines is for the most part a Catholic country, where certain rituals and customs are often observed, you will want to bless your car.
And maybe also because sometimes it's quite interesting on the roads…

The place near the small basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary will offer you not only an unusual spectacle, where the priest walks around the rows of cars, motorcycles and tricycles and blesses them (our car was blessed), but also a beautiful Stations of the Cross, a chapel, a place for wishes and prayers. rest, and last but not least, of course, stalls with souvenirs. By the way, you can buy fresh Ylang-ylang flowers and leaves here for a few crowns and smell the car with them.

I mentioned only a really small part of the places to see Luzon. But even from this selection, it is probably clear that the places are beautiful and very different. There is simply something to choose from.

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