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Join Philippines - dovolená na FIlipínách bez cestovky

A vacation in the Philippines is waiting for you, but you're still not clear on some things?
Want to go to the Philippines without a travel , but would like more information?
Want to experience the real Philippines with the real Filipinos ?
Then you're in the right place. Just choose from our services the one that's right for you.

Before you come


Are you planning to go to the Philippines, but aren't sure what places to visit , how to move between them, and what is really worth ?

After consulting with you, we help you put together a tailor-made itinerary .
You choose whether you're more of a city, mountain, beach, nature, or history…
Or if you're interested in everything, we'll just make it up .


Thinking of the Philippines as your next vacation destination, but not sure when it's best for you to go to which part of Philippines, which airport to fly to, or just want to talk to a native Filipino about something?

For example, if you don’t have time to find all the information you need, just email us and we'll help.

Help in the Philippines

Tour guide to Philippines

Do you want to
- discover the Philippines with everything in the city, on the beach, in the countryside and in nature ?
- walk through the places where tourists normally don't go and be still safe and with helpers?
- try how to fish here with the locals
- experience a real Philippine party
- Try working on a Philippine farm

We can convey all this to you. At our farm, with Czech or English translation. Safe and pleasant background.

Separate trips

You don't need a guide for the duration of your stay, but would anyone like to help with trips around the area ?

Or would you like to use help with adaptation to the local environment, customs, or time zone?

Would you like to enjoy some of the experiences we offer as part of a full guide to the Philippines, such as fishing with locals or staying on our farm?

It's not a problem at all either.
Your vacation in the Philippines will definitely be great.

and more

translator and assistant on call

Even if you don't take advantage of our full-service guide to the Philippines, we offer a “on-call” service. strong>, or you need help with something , get somewhere , provide accommodation
Call us, and we'll do Everything to help you .
We communicate in English, Filipino (Tagalog) and Czech/Slovak, .

and even more

We can rent you a car

We have a car we rent for you.
It's a Toyota Innova with an automatic transmission.
It's a good car that never left us stitch .
So if you need to, and it's just free, there's nothing stopping you from borrowing it from us.

Join Philippines - auto k pronájmu na Filipínách

What else do we have for you?

  • blog full of useful tips
  • e-book how to prepare for a trip to the Philippines (in process)
  • videos on YouTube
  • e-cookbook with Filipino recipes cooked in European conditions (in process)

Contact us

Czech, Slovak, English

Jitka Pekárková

+420 732 915 195

English, Tagalog (Filipino)

Jay Parungo

+420 703 894 079

Or write to us on Facebook.

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