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Consultations before your trip

You want to go to the Philippines, but you feel like you still don't have enough information about the weather, places to go, local food, local customs, tourist safety…

Personally, I completely understand that. I also groped before my first trip to the Philippines. And I already had Filipinos at home, and I knew that I would definitely be well taken care of.

You don't have to worry, because before we even go to this paradise on Earth, we can sit together and talk about everything in peace.

We can talk English, Czech/Slovak, and if you know Filipino, so be it.

To get started, write down a few points that interest or scare you the most. Send them to us so that we know at least roughly what topics we will talk about.

And then we just choose the date that works best for all of us and talk about it.
Online, of course, let's not be limited by space.

Then you will know

  • when to go to the Philippines
  • whether it's convenient for you to come with or without a travel company
  • which locations are right for you, and less
  • if you want to use our guide services all the time or just a few days
  • whether you want to stay with us, or always prefer to stay based on your route
  • how much money you should have with you
  • virtually anything else you ask

The price of a 60-minute consultation is €31 .

This price is valid for an individual, family or for a closed group.
If you only need 30 minutes, it is of course also possible (for the price of €16).

If you already have topics, feel free to email me at jitka@
We'll take a look, get back to you, and work together to arrange a date When the consultation would suit us all.
The consultation then takes place online in a video call, so we can get to know each other a bit.

What else we can do?

Another service you can use is our personal participation on your vacation as guide (in English or Czech).

You do not need to arrange this service from us for the duration of your stay. This would be really useless for some of you.
You can use us perhaps only after you arrive before you air conditioning.
Or before departure, when you don't want to worry too much.

Or see more options on the list of our services.

Contact us

Czech, Slovak, English

Jitka Pekárková
+420 732 915 195
+63 969 167 88 44

English, Tagalog (Filipino)

Jay Parungo
+420 703 894 079
+63 927 186 69 88

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