JoinPhilippines – pomocník na cestách a přítel na telefonu

Assistant on the way to the Philippines

You will create a holiday program all by yourself or with our help under consultations or itineraries at peace, but then you want to go really on your own axis?

This option may be a great fit for many of you, and we believe you can have a great time.

But as usual, an unexpected situation can happen from time to time, and then it's a good idea to have support in your back.
And that's exactly what we offer you.

Not only can you speak to us in English, but most of all we believe we can advise and help you .

Of course, you can also use farm accommodation, car rental, or our help and assistance.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

one day assistant

We will pick you up, take you away, advise you, explain you, help us, talk…
We will be at your disposal for one whole day.
We can also arrange a sim card with the Internet…
€39 per day

friend on the phone

Before your vacation, it will be nice to let us know that you will be in the Philippines and that it is quite possible that you will contact us.
We have a special phone number for these situations.
Call us and we will do our best to help you.
* €16

The prices listed for a one-day helper are always for one person.
If you are a group of people, the price for each additional person is half.
For children up to 6 in a group, the price is a quarter.

If you are a family, ie a couple with children, the total price for you is €58 per day.

The price does not include petrol, transport, accommodation, food…

* The price of €16 per friend on the phone is for 30 minutes of help or translation over the phone.
If you need to get somewhere for you, arrange accommodation or help in a situation personally by one of us, we will of course agree individually according to the situation.

Are you interested in it?
So feel free to email me at, and let's take a look.

What else we can do?

Would you rather take part in the program we have prepared? Of course we would like to welcome you. See here at information about the Philippine adventures of Luzon we prepared you.

We can also prepare a tailor-made itinerary for you, or we can offer you a consultation before the trip when you think and plan what and how.

Contact us

Czech, Slovak, English

Jitka Pekárková
+420 732 915 195
+63 969 167 88 44

English, Tagalog (Filipino)

Jay Parungo
+420 703 894 079
+63 927 186 69 88

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