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Guide to the Philippines

Don't want to take the trip, but don't want to travel on your own ?
Even so, we can help you .

In a completely different country , such as the Philippines, it can sometimes be harder to navigate .

That's why we offer you guide services in English.
So you can enjoy Filipins without stress, worry or confusion.

You don't have to worry about where to buy tickets, tickets, how to get from point A to point B, where to stay, or to eat…
So you will be able to enjoy your vacation really full.

Of course, we'll discuss the program together so you know what to look forward to, while no longer worrying about everything around you.

You won't always have to worry about negotiating with the natives,
but at the same time you will really enjoy the real Philippines.

If you want to travel on your own axis, but someone would be useful for the first two or three days, for example, so you can calmly acclimatize and see what and how, of course you can.

We also offer you initial support. We can pick you up at the airport, take you to your hotel, or come to our farm, where you can live in a “nipa hut.”
There are plenty of options, it's all about the agreement.

So if you're not interested in the finished itinerary, check out our helper or friend on the phone.

What is planned for you?

  • Monument on Mount Samat
  • Resort Las Casas
  • Fishing with locals and sleeping on the island in a tent
  • Ocean Adventure with dolphin shows, sea lions and much more
  • Kamayan resort where you can swim, snorkel, feed fish, enjoy local breakfast…
  • Small safari and butterfly garden
  • Party in Olongapo and city life
  • Beautiful waterfalls
  • Hundred islands National Park, where we will take a boat ride with a local guide who will take us from island to island so we can have a snack, walk, snorkel…
  • Rice terraces in Banaue
  • Relax by the hot springs
  • Sunflower farm
  • A trip to the crater of Pinatubo volcano, which in 1991 buried under a lava and volcanic dust a huge area of the Philippines
  • Visiting forest tribe
  • Cockfights
  • Catching fish, shrimp, crabs, trying to catch a pig, riding a water buffalo (carabao), helping on our farm, catching and roasting chicken on bamboo…

guide for 14 days

You will enjoy great trips with us, you will be perfectly taken care of.
You'll also have plenty of time for your own program.
At any time you can choose to take a break and relax on our farm or on the beach.
€425 for 14 days

guide for 21 days

You will enjoy everything as in the program for 14 days.
In addition, you can enjoy the surrounding islands and beaches in those 7 days,
while the facilities will remain with us on the farm, so you can always come back and relax and keep with us even what you do not want to take with you.
€618 for 21 days

The prices listed are always for one person.
If you are a group of people, the price for each additional person is half.
For children up to 6 in a group, the price is a quarter.

We have a special package for families with children because we understand that you’re already spending a decent amount on your vacation, and we take you as one big unit.
So if you are a couple with children, for you these prices:
1 day - €58
7 days - €309
14 days - €579
21 days - €980

Are you interested in it?
So feel free to email me at, and let's take a look.

What else we can do?

As we mentioned, you can use us maybe only after arrival before you air conditioning.
Or before departure, when you don't want to deal with anything much.
For these cases we offer our services helper and friend on the phone.

We can also prepare a tailor-made itinerary for you, or we can offer you a consultation before the trip when you think and plan what and how.

Contact us

Czech, Slovak, English

Jitka Pekárková
+420 732 915 195
+63 969 167 88 44

English, Tagalog (Filipino)

Jay Parungo
+420 703 894 079
+63 927 186 69 88

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