We are Jay and Jitka. 
Czech-Filipino couple who just love the Philippines, and who wants to pass on the beauty to you.

We are gradually preparing our Philippine eco-farm, where we will be happy to welcome you soon.

At the moment we are still in the Czech Republic, where we also met, and where so far we are raising our second-born. Jay's firstborn is with his mom in the FIlipins, and we can't wait for our girls to see each other live .

We already have a great car in the Philippines that we rent. Although covid makes it a little uncomfortable for us, so we're subsidizing it now, but we believe it will get better soon.

JoinPhilippines Jay Jitka

We plan to build a sustainable farm with local vegetables, fruits and animals here (in the Philippines), in the Zambales area of the main island of Luzon…
When you come to us, you will be greeted not only by chickens, roosters and pigs but also a local water buffalo, for example.
We're also choosing a boat to use for fishing , but also for transporting tourists along the coast, and to nearby islands.
This will not only make our dream come true, but we'll give work to the locals that they really don't get much.

I can imagine how you might feel when you think of a vacation in the Philippines.
For the first time, I had no idea what to wait for, what to prepare for, what would be the same and what was different… I had a lot to do, but I was still nervous. And I went to a friend I knew would take care of me in every situation.

The Philippines is really different from what we are used to here.
And it is beautiful.

And so you don't have to be afraid to come, we offer our services. We'll help you with everything you need before you come here, when you're here, and maybe when you leave and you can't remember…

We have the advantage of being from both the Philippines and the Europe, so we can understand your enthusiasm and also worries, and we'll take you on your Paradise vacation on Earth.

If you choose the right places to look, a holiday in the Philippines is a memorable experience .

How can we help you?


We can rent you our own car,
so you don't have to rely on rentals, trains, buses or jeepney.
You can also use our car with our driver,
who is familiar with local traffic.


We will help you plan your entire vacation.
We will suggest you places to look,
transport, accommodation, entertainment ...
Everything tailored just for you.


We offer you the services of our guide,
who will take you to beautiful and interesting places,
will introduce you local cuisine 
and adapt the path to your needs.


Are you afraid to communicate in Filipino/Tagalog?
You can also use our services for regular communication.
We can communicate 
in English, Tagalog, Czech/Slovak.

Join Philippines - Jitka Jay Nicole Bella - dovolená na Filipínách bez cestovky

If you like our offer or plans, please support us in our work so we can build a our sustainable project as soon as possible.
Learn more about our sustainable farm and donations here: https://gogetfunding.com/joinphilippines/

Czech, Slovak, English:

Jitka Pekárková

+420 732 915 195

English, Tagalog:

Jay Parungo

+420 703 894 079

Or write to us on Facebook.

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