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Differences between Czech and Filipinos - part1

Given that the Philippines is practically on the opposite side of the Earth, it can be assumed that there will be more differences between us.
In this post, I do not want to address some complex differences, but those a little less fundamental, which can sometimes surprise us or even upset us.

Soft beer

I don't want to look like a rot, but the Philippines just lacks soft beer.
Of course, if you're a beer drinker, you won't mind. Especially if you are of the opinion that soft beer is not beer.
But wait until you drive to a restaurant or bar in the Philippines. Who will drive? So who won't get much alcohol?
And not only won't you get a non-alcoholic beer in a restaurant, but you won't even get it in a normal store. He's just not here.
It seems like a ridiculous problem, but I came to the Philippines for the first time in the second month of my pregnancy, so alcohol was out of the question, I didn't enjoy sweet juices to supplement my drinking regime soon, and I really missed non-alcoholic beer.


It may seem like a cliché, but you can enjoy rice at FIlipíns at practically every step.
Honestly, I was really surprised when my partner first prepared breakfast for me, and it consisted of rice and fried eggs. As a bonus, I could have a little chili on it.
Just like we're used to having breakfast and maybe even baking pastries, in the Philippines it's cooked rice.

Socks in sandals

In the Czech Republic, I have met countless times with the people of FIlipín, who simply wear socks in sandals. And wonder of the world, I get it.
They're just used to wearing slippers and sandals practically all the time, and when it's cold like in the Czech Republic, they just solve it by keeping their shorts, their sandals, and pulling on and taking off their socks.
Home just old habits.
So even if you're vigorously against socks in sandals, don't get mad at them and judge them. They will most likely not judge you.

They will not judge you

As I mentioned, the Filipinos probably won't judge you. And hand on heart, there would certainly be something on each of us that could be a pretext for judging and evaluating. They may think anything about you, but they will most likely not deal with it. Not that they didn't care, on the contrary. But they just won't evaluate it. And even if, certainly not nearly as strictly as the Czechs.

Swimming in clothes

That you are used to bikinis or shorts or anything else that people in Europe are used to? So forget it.
If you want to spend most of your time in FIlipín by the pools in the resorts, no one will be distracted that you are super revealed. And yes, I'm also talking about men.
But if you want to go to places where the FIlipíns mostly go, you could really distract them with their appearance. It is common here to bathe in neoprene or, for example, T-shirts and shorts.
It certainly has something to do with the fact that a lot of FIlipins would like to be lighter, which is practically impossible due to the strong and frequent sun. So at least they don't buy revelations. Certainly there is a bit of restraint in some things.
Don't worry, no one will lynch you for a little swimsuit, but if you want to fit in a bit, bet on ladies, at least on tankinas, and gentlemen, for example, on shorts and a T-shirt.

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